MaryAnn Hayden




Photo Montage

Black and White Montage



Seven years ago I began to take photographs, while continuing to make paintings.

Since then there has been a pairing of experience - both the photographer's and society's: painting and photography, the abstraction of the surface of a painting and that of landscape and graffiti, architecture and sculpture, and so on.

The result has been, in my painting, a turning from nature as impetus for my forms, to abstraction as mark-making and a concentration on the beauty of the surface of the painting.

At the same time my photography, which has in the past concentrated on the pairing of images, is for now focused, more simply, on abstraction in nature and the figure within the landscape.


"Which shall it be? Do art's complex and balanced relationships among all parts, its purpose, significance, and harmony exist in nature? Is nature whole, like a completed thought? Is history purposeful? Is the universe of matter significant? I am sorry; I do not know."

- Annie Dillard, from Living by Fiction